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underground secondary feeders

This photo show our technicians installing feeder conduit underground from the utility companies transformer location to the main switchgear location inside the this industrial facility. Notice the conduits stubbed up on the near side of the photo. The utility company will set their large concrete pad and transformer on top of these conduits.

industrial switchgear/ panels

This is a photo of a large industrial plant’s main electrical service that we installed. The photo show one of our technicians assisting in installing “tray cable” to feed one of the sub-panels that is fed from the Main Switchgear.


745 Industrial DrSandersvilleGeorgia 31082, United States

Commercial building electric meters

This is a photo of an electrical service we installed that feeds a commercial building that is the home to multiple businesses. Notice there are six different utility meters in the photo. We installed this type of electrical service so that each business can have seperate electric utility bills.

3 Phase converters

This is a small single phase to 3-phase converter. The photo is on a converter we built for and irrigation well that a farmer is using. The reason this is done is because most farms are in very rural areas that often don’t have 3-phase power from the utility company and it cost a lot less to install a converter that it does to pay the utility company to run extra wires on the utility poles.

Control panels and plcs

We custom build control panels and install programmable logic controllers per your specifications

under Concrete conduits

This is an example of conduits that have been installed underground in preparation for concrete to be poured on top of them. We use the engineered blueprints to “stub” the conduits up in the exact locations where the walls will be built after the concrete is poured. As you can imagine this is a challenge. Our technicians are experts at this difficult task.

some of our commercial and industrial electrical Services