home electrical inspections

When is the last time you had your home electrical system inspected? I bet you have never thought of it. Many people don’t think an electrical inspection is necessary but most people never go under their home or in their attic and thoroughly look at the electrical wiring. The unfortunate fact is many crawlspaces and attics have unwanted visitors (squirrels, etc.) from time to time and damage like that shown here is very common. When we perform an electrical safety inspection, among many others, we also tighten all accessible the connections in your electrical panel and check a representative number of your outlets, switches, and lights to ensure the wiring is in good condition.

Panel upgrades

Got an old fuse panel? we can install a new, up to code, breaker panel and electrical service for you and increase your safety!


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Light fixture and ceiling fan installation

Want a light replaced or a new ceiling fan installed? we can take care of it!

new appliance circuits

if you bought a new appliance and need a new electrical circuit installed, we can take care of it for you!

some of our electrical Services

Fault locating and underground splicing

Do you have a wire that is damaged underground and you don’t want to have to replace the whole thing? We have the tools and expertise to locate the majority of underground faulted wires and splice them.

Don't see what you need taken care of here? Don't worry we can probably take care of it or know who to refer you to if we cant do it!

Surge protection and grounding

Do worry about lightning strikes and surges? Have you already been a victim of a surge? we are very experienced with minimizing your risks! Call us today to find out what we can do to protect you!

We Clean up!

We believe our technicians should ALWAYs clean up after themselves when working in your home. We guarantee they will, just ask your technician when he comes to your home to show you or 100% money back guarantee that is on the back of your paperwork. We will also protect from stains by wearing floor savers on our feet.

Let the Boy's in Blue Work for You!

Infrared diagnostics

We have FLIR Infrared Cameras that we use to do industrial, commercial, as well as residential preventive maintenance surveys and diagnostics. This tool gives our technicians the edge on finding those hard to pinpoint issues while the circuit is still energized.