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Preventative Maintenance

This is a picture of an evaporator coil. All the air you you breath in you home or business flows thru a coil like this. These coils need to be kept clean with regularly scheduled cleaning and filter changes. We also clean the outside coil and check for any potential problems in the system with our very thourough check list. Our Preventive Maintenance plan comes with discounts and front of the line service! Call us to have your system operating at its peak efficiency and keep your air healthy!

Surge protection

Todays heating and Air Conditioning systems are full of sensitive electronics and are very easily damaged by surges. Protect your investment with one of our LIFETIME WARRANTY surge protections devices

Air Purifiers

We install in duct air purification systems. These units are an INSTANT upgrade in your homes air quality. and work 24 hours a day 7 days a week killing the bad stuff thru your whole home. we offer a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee on these units! if you don't like it within the first 90 days we will come back out, remove it, and give you all your money back.

System upgrades

We can replace your existing system with a new highly efficient heating and cooling system. Whatever your needs are, we can custom fit a new system that will preform exactly how you want it to. Call for a free estimate today on your system upgrade.

Duct system Upgrades

If your duct system is over 10 years old, it likely is leaking air. This is because the duct system is put together in 4 to 5 ft pieces and the joints where they are connected have to be sealed with tape or mastic sealer. Most systems that old have duct tape on them and the adhesive on the tape deteriorates over time. We specialize in resealing and reinsulating existing ducts and install totally new duct systems.

Repairs to existing systems

We service and repair all brands of heating and air conditioning units. Our technicians are the best in the area and will make sure your repair is cost efficient and we will warranty our repairs for a full year!

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